I love these beautiful wild sunflowers in the San Luis Valley!

My Story

I just moved to Colorado a few months ago and I’m loving it here! Here’s a little bit about me. After graduating from East West College of Healing Arts in 1999, I received my license a few months later and have been massaging ever since. I’ve gained immense experience regarding the process of recovery while working with Chiropractors, corporate clients, athletes, and individuals wracked with pain.
My forte lies in discovering the compensation patterns the body develops over time to deal with old, chronic injuries and pains. I focus on delivering results that relieve pain, as well as offer suggestions for better posture and lifestyle choices that support the body’s best interests. Recognizing and understanding the deep and inseparable connections between the body and mind is essential—which is why I incorporate relaxation into each session. If the mind doesn’t relax, how can the body unwind and return to a balanced state?
I have worked on numerous injuries, including specialty areas such as headaches, tension and cluster migraines, with tremendous success reducing the intensity, frequency and duration of pain within a few sessions.

My Mission

I love people and I want to see them be the most radiant joy filled selves as they can be. I believe a healthy body and mind go hand in hand. There is direct connection between emotions, thoughts and physical stress that create dis-ease in the body. Each person is unique and must be treated as such.

Let’s work together…

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